Weekend with Sardonic & _Alina

September 30, 2017 – October 1, 2017 all-day America/New York Timezone
Rednawa 52 N Main St
Middletown CT (side door)

Dress code:Comfy clothes or nearly nude
Sardonic identifies primarily as a sensual sadist and has been studying/practicing rope bondage for over 5 years. In that time, has had the privilege of learning from a broad range of people including, Pedro, Gorgone, Wykd Dave and Clover, M0co and Beemo, Fred_Rx, Hajime Kinoko, Nawashi Kanna, and Akira Naka.

His style has grown to focus on:

intimacy and connection with his partner (whatever shape that may take),
rope handling,
tension control, and
He feels it is paramount to pose as a deep understanding of these principles, as well as the mechanics and technical aspects of how rope works and moves, in order to truly focus on the connection and interaction between his partner.

“I tie people, rope is only a tool.”

Alina has bottomed in rope for over two years. In that time has had the privilege of studying under Akira Naka, Hajime Kinoko, Fred_Rx, Wykd Dave and Clover, Pedro.
She first came to rope looking for struggle and endurance. For a time she didn’t understand why her bottoming didn’t seem to match what she was in performances and in others. Over time, and through self-exploration and self-reflection, her bottoming has changed and become more varied in response to her partners.
Her kink interests span both rope and other sadomasochistic play. Through her exploration of other types of play, as well as her interest in authenticity and vulnerability in kink — she brings a unique perspective to what it means to true to yourself while exploring and opening to different kinds of connection in rope.

more details to come!