The DJ’s first BDSM party

My first public sex party

The DJ had been to a private, invite-only sex-party, and on that experience was invited to run music for this open, public event. This was his experience

It was a great night at the Sensations Tasting and Open Play Party in Park Slope.
If you’re into bondage and kink, this is your kind of party.
It was a large and rather diverse crowd with lots of ages, ethnicities, body types, and persuasions represented. Chances are, you could find someone who has what you’re lookin’ for.
At one point, I was hitting the Prince hard, while a number of women were being whipped and spanked in rhythm. There was this really hot couple in the center of the room. I’m going to guess there were in their late 30s or early 40s, and she was chained up on and facing this large X-frame. He was whipping her ass repeatedly with this cat-o-nine-tails type of thing, and he was just working in rhythm for a solid forty minutes. My sole inspiration was to keep this guy going, and that he did. Eventually, she had this full body orgasm that had her shaking and writhing in ecstasy.
Then he started up with the spanking again for a couple of minutes, before he stopped and approached me. I figured he was going to ask me to turn the music down because in this sort of environment, it’s important that everyone can hear their partner’s safe word when they need to stop. Instead, he said, “Look, I know this isn’t really your thing, but I need something heavier. Do you have some Metallica?”
My jaw dropped.
But he got some Iggy Pop, Metallica, and some Danzig that I couldn’t believe I found on my hard drive. Then I shifted into Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” the….extended version…while around the corner in a small room, a tangle of people were engaged in various states of copulation. You haven’t lived until you hear Giorgio Moroder’s hypnotic synthesizers intertwining with numerous orgasmic moans.  It sure beats watching people run to The Gibson.