Sexploration, find seductive events around New York City

It doesn’t matter if you grew up in the 5 boroughs or are visiting New York for the weekend. Nobody can keep track of all the action at one time. That is where Sex Positive City comes in. Our team of experts searches the city, the underground newspapers, private clubs and an ever expanding range of internet sites to collect details on educational workshops, skills demos, swinger events, munches, socials, bdsm clubs and kinky events, cuddle parties, kissing parties, sex parties, play parties, and erotic or risque performances across the metro area.

The human need for touch and connection is one of our most basic urges and a drive that brings people together over many miles and many years. Our goal is to facilitate making those connections either one-to-one, across groups or in building communities.  We have found that sexploration and sexperimentation have the ability to transform people and relationships, to help find freedom, enlightenment, and fulfillment.

The Sexploration Calendar of events is a listing of the wonderful, erotic, seductive events happening in New York, but events are simply catalysts for sexperience, for learning, and for connection. Find a special place for you and your love to explore your boundaries and create new ones, find a new love, or find casual sex. Learn about the history of Gay Liberation or how to properly stimulate the G-spot. Get your boots blacked or get flogged all night long. From partner swapping to how to find a strap-on that fits, to the most basic introductions to sex toys and “sex-hacks” for the more advanced players, New York City has it all.  Sex Positive City is here to help you live a more fulfilled, enlightened and satisfied life, let us show you the way.