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Consensuality Workshop: Experientials that Challenge and Expand Awareness

Consensuality is an amalgamation of the words Consent and Sensuality. Consensuality emphasizes relationship enhancement and focuses on improving verbal and non-verbal skills for navigating the challenges and opportunities of sensual, intimate and vulnerable interactions. We will also increase our mindful awareness of our own needs and limits and the ability to effectively express them, while simultaneously increasing our awareness of the needs and limits of others. We challenge you to examine the many intimate and powerful nuances of advanced consent through a unique blend of experiential exercises. Join Mark Sisti, PhD and Sarah Levinson of Creative Relating, and sex therapist Rachel Klechevsky, LMSW in manifesting cutting-edge consent dialogue into powerful interpersonal connections. Let’s use consent to enhance sensuality.

A sampling of workshop topics:

Explore nuances of advanced consent (non-verbal consent, consent over time, revoking consent)

Improve your awareness of moments of choice, agency and responsibility

Enhance your ability to be emotionally courageous and vulnerable

Explore aftercare: social ruptures, transgressions and compassionate repair

Apply consent skills while enhancing intimacy without a chilling effect

Utilize consent with greater awareness of privilege, equity and inclusivity

Participants & Content:

This workshop is appropriate for individuals, couples, and moresomes. It is intended for those who are open to exploring the edges of their comfort zones. To maximize deeper experiential learning, there will be exercises where participants may choose limited nonsexual contact. There will be alternative exercises available. The event will include the use of sexual language. The event is clothed. The workshop begins at 10:00 AM, with a one-hour lunch break from 1-2pm (participants are welcome to bring lunch and eat in the workshop space), and ends at 5 PM.

Safe Space:

The workshop will take place at the ” Center for Remembering and Sharing”, a safe, quiet, community space for contemplation and sharing. Our workshop room is a large private space with a hard floor and yoga mats. Many exercises will take place seated on the floor but chairs are also available. You are welcome to bring your favorite backjack or meditation cushion. Confidentiality: Anything shared in the room stays in the room.

TES Presents: Beginner’s Tool Kit for Submission Wrestling, with Diablo & Veve Lane

Ever wanted to get into wrestling play but we’re sure where to start? Want to throw down with friends at a party, but aren’t sure how to avoid potentially-injurious maneuvers? Need a few moves to muddle your way through as an absolute novice?  We’ve got a workshop that could help with that!
How to get started in Submission Wrestling, a full-body-entanglement sport where partners lock up, grapple for control, and attempt to make each other surrender by using “submission holds.”   Geared specifically toward absolute novices, this workshop will provide newcomers with a set of basic tactics and techniques that allows them to hit the mats right away.
– Safety concerns: How to play rough while minimizing risk
– Objectives of the game: Positions and Submissions
– How to start a match: Ways to Engage while starting on the mats
– Basic attacks and defenses
This is a participatory workshop wherein attendees can work in pairs to learn and practice basic grips and body positioning techniques, both standing and on the mats.  However, participation is NOT required, and attendees may simply observe, if they prefer.  Technique practice only; there will be no live sparring during this workshop.  Comfortable athletic-ish attire is recommended if you choose to participate.

Diablo has been practicing submission wrestling for over a decade.  He facilitates an LGBTQ grappling club in Brooklyn and trains regularly to continue learning and evolving in the sport.  He got his official start in wrestling by throwing down at a fetish party in 2005, and he is invested in helping to make rough play adventures as safe as possible.
VeVe Lane is a professional fetish wrestler who has also been practicing submission wrestling for over a decade.  She will be assisting Diablo during this workshop.

Doors open at 7, class starts at 7:30
TES Members $5 Students & Military with ID $10 Reciprocal Groups $10 Non-Members $20 Cash Only

If you will need elevator access, please call ahead: (212) 675-1390

TES Presents: Tie and Draw, with MasterFineArse & Greg1113

What better time to draw a model than when they are in bondage? The model is focused and excited, they can’t move (much), the ropes and other ties make for dramatic lines and unusual poses. Join Master Fine Arse and greg1113 for a fun evening of art making. They will guide you through getting down on paper the sight and feel of the caress of the bonds, and give you tools to take back to your own dungeon. People of all artistic abilities are welcome. Please bring art materials or $5 to contribute towards supplies in addition to the class fee. Creations will be considered for publication (with consent) in Prometheus! All those who wish to offer their work to Prometheus must sign a consent form along with the model.
Doors open at 7, class begins at 7:30

TES Members $5 Students & Military with ID $10 Reciprocal Groups $10 Non-Members $20 Cash Only

Please call ahead if you will need elevator access: (212) 675-1390

TES DM/sw Group: Power Exchange for Newbs, with Ramon

So you’re interested in power-exchange… Now what? This lecture is about the foundations and skills necessary to successfully create and/or better develop power exchange relationships.
Topics included in the discussion will be how to lay the foundations for your “house”, modalities to use as primers, and shared experiences. This is intended to be an interactive lecture with audience participation, to help both sides of the slash on their personal journeys.
Ramon is an active member of the NYC BDSM scene and involved with various organizations including TES, where he is an Emeritus Board member as well as a class presenter. In his spare time, Ramon designs and fabricates custom metal BDSM equipment and furniture. He particularly enjoys rope bondage, fire play, single tails, and making pretty girls cry.
TES Members $5 Students & Military with ID $10 Reciprocal Groups $10 Non-Members $20 Cash Only
Doors open at 7, class begins at 7:30. If you will require the elevator, please call ahead: (212) 675-1390

TES Presents: Protecting Your Identity In the Scene

Are you new to the kink scene and thinking about how to draw the line between your kink and vanilla life? Are you an experienced kinkster concerned about how your kink or sexual life could affect your work, future career or family? In the kink scene, protecting your privacy is a priority. However, in the age of social media and google, it’s easier said than done. This class will cover the topic of kink identity, what it means, how to protect it, and ways to mitigate the effects if your privacy is violated. We’ll be using the same techniques used in computer and network security as well as techniques used to protect political dissonants and activists and apply them to the kink/fetish/sex-positive/poly and leather communities. Whatever your experience is, this is a subject that you can benefit from!
TES Members $5 Students & Military with ID $10 Reciprocal Groups $10 Non-Members $20 Cash Only
Doors open at 7, class begins at 7:30. If you will require the elevator, please call ahead: (212) 675-1390

TES Presents: Espionage a Trois

Good Evening,
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate and enjoy a night of covert debauchery. It’s time to come in from the cold, and join us at The Parth on Saturday, January 26th, for a night of sexy spy vs spy, code name: Espionage a Trois.
Costumes and fetish-wear are encouraged, but not required, so don your finest evening-wear, catsuits, and trenchcoats!
But that’s not all. Join us for our pre-party munch at the Bread and Butter Café from 7:30-9pm. The munch is a GREAT way to meet people in a low-key, non-kinky setting. You’ll find more info about it here!
8pm-2am at The Parth
$25 for TES members, $30 for munch attendees, $35 for other non-members
RSVP on Fetlife
In order to attend this party you must be:

a TES member
the guest of a TES member
an affiliate organization member
the guest of an affiliate organization member
an attendee of the pre-party munch arriving with the munch leaders

If you are not yet a member, please consider becoming one today! Click here to join!!!
Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with our party rules. If you have any questions, please contact zero@tes.org
Looking for a playdate? Please check out our official playdate thread on Fetlife!
As always, TES is a volunteer-based organization, and great events like this can’t happen without you! We need volunteers to work the door, coat check, DM, as well as help with setup and cleanup, so please consider volunteering your time. Those volunteering 1 hour of their time get in for just $10, and those volunteering at least 2 hours get in free! To volunteer, please contact Zero at zero@tes.org!
Accessibility needs? Please contact zero@tes.org regarding accommodations.
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TES Novice & Newcomers Presents: BDSM 101 with Zero & Odile

D/s? M/s? S&M? ABDL? Are you discovering kink, but find the alphabet soup of terms confusing? Do you have a wild hair to try something, but you’re not quite sure what? Does communicating these interests to a partner sound intimidating? Do you wonder just how deep the rabbit hole goes?
If this sounds like you, worry no more, because this class is for you. In this 101 class, we’ll cover what BDSM is (and isn’t!), explain all those abbreviations, and show you how to get started for success.
This class is geared towards those who are new to kink and BDSM but open to all experience levels. Come with an open mind, with or without a partner, and expect nothing more than to hear some information about BDSM. We’ll provide plenty of time for questions, so come curious!
TES does not permit recording of any kind at any TES functions; all phones must be put away during the class. You may take hand-written notes if you wish.
TES Members $5 Students & Military with ID $10 Reciprocal Groups $10 Non-Members $20 Cash Only
Doors open at 7, class begins at 7:30. If you will require the elevator, please call ahead: (212) 675-1390

TES Novices and Newcomers Munch: Sources and Methods Edition

Are you new to the scene? New to the NYC area? Looking to get back into the scene after a long layoff? Just want to hang out with some fun and kinky people on a Sat night, in a safe, no pressure atmosphere with knowledgeable people to guide you if needed? Come alone or with partner(s). No dress code. No admission fee to the munch, just pay for your food and drinks. We’ll be in the upstairs seating area by 7:30PM and then, we’re heading for the Espionage a Trois Play Party @ the Parth at 9PM.
The TES party is optional, but only open to members and their guests or munch attendees.
We will be on the second floor of the Bread and Butter Café, located at 419 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016, on the corner at 29th Street.
Here are the Do’s and Do Not’s of the Munch:

Be friendly and courteous to each other.
It is OK to ask each others’ scene names, roles, and fetishes. If you do not have a scene name/ Fetlife handle, have a pseudonym.
Get permission before touching someone else’s belongings.
Get permission before touching someone else.
It is OK to drink responsibly at the munch.
Respect others’ privacy.


Do NOT ask attendees their personal information (real name, middle name, last name, where they live, work, breed, go to school or favorite Starbucks location).
Do NOT touch others without their permission.
Do NOT touch others’ belongings without their permission.
Do NOT get intoxicated before or during the munch. You will be told to go home.
Do NOT kink shame. Sometimes someone else’s kink is not yours. Appreciate their differences.
Do NOT bring outside food or beverages to the munch.
Do NOT take pictures or videos during the munch. We prefer to maintain an environment of anonymity.
Do NOT ask attendees their personal information (real name, middle name, last name, where they live, work, go to school, where they grew up, etc).

We will be headed afterwards to the TES PARTY @ THE PARTH with a special discount….just $30 admission for attendees!
Questions? Write us at novice@tes.org.

TES Board of Directors Meeting

Free and open to all members with a current membership card or number.
If you will need elevator access, please call ahead: (212) 675-1390