13th Annual Hump! Film Festival

About HUMP!

The HUMP! Film Festival has been bringing audiences a new kind of porn since 2005. The festival features short dirty movies—each less than five minutes—all created by people who aren’t porn stars but want to be one for a weekend. The filmmakers and stars show us what they think is hot and sexy, creative and kinky, their ultimate turn-ons and their craziest fantasies. Our carefully curated program is a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes—all united by a shared spirit of sex-positivity. HUMP! is a celebration of creative sexual expression. You will see films at HUMP! that shock you. You will see films at HUMP! that make you laugh. And you will see films at HUMP! that turn you on. You will also be touched by the sincerity and vulnerability with which these films are lovingly made. HUMP!’s main mission is to change the way America sees—and makes and shares—porn.

13th Annual Opening Festival 2017:
The HUMP! Film Fest premieres in the Pacific NW every fall. This year’s 13th annual festival will kick off in Seattle, WA on October 26, 2017, and in Portland, OR on November 2, 2017, and will run until November 12th, 2017. Entry to the opening festival includes a ballot and the chance to vote for your favorite films. We will be awarding $15,000 in cash prizes to the winning films.

Lower LeveL: The FREE Brooklyn Social

“ Let’s celebrate MasterJoshuaNYC’s 39th BDAY”

Make some new connections and rediscover some old friends. Hang out, have a bite and some great banter with like-minded people. WildsPlayground hosts a monthly social in the heart of BUSHWICK. We encourage People of ALL genders, ALL sexual orientations, and with ALL levels of experience to join us, from those just starting out to those with decades of experience. The objective is to create a social where we can all share experiences, questions, perspectives, as well as provide mutual support and understanding around the lifestyle issues that impact all of us, regardless of which side of the power exchange you fall on. We also encourage newcomers in the lifestyle/community to attend. Its a great source for initial validation to the doubts we have all had when we started our own personal journeys. It is also a great way to meet the Wildsplayground family and other guests in a no pressure environment.

We will be socializing in the lower level of the venue. A gorgeous speakeasy with play space and suspension points!!!
Sexyshutterbug & MasterJoshuaNYC will be present to help out with any questions or concerns you may have. We are invited by the establishment with open arms and are also very excited to introduce this new & bustling place to our friendly neighborhood kinksters. If you can’t find us, send a group leader a message. We do check our messages regularly during the mixer and we will try to find you. You can also message any of us and ask for a phone number for direct SMS messages if you are worried about getting lost.

Talon Bar – Bushwick’s newest local hang out! Craft beer and cocktails with a fantastic outdoor garden. Elegantly mysterious interior decor showcasing historic architecture preserved and enhanced to curate a cabinet of curiosities both visual and of the palate.

DEDICATED Basement PLAY SPACE !!! We will have PLAY SPACE ACCESS in the venue which is RESTRICTED to guests of our social.

Open 6pm daily.

Happy hour:

$5 BEER & SHOT 6-9
$5 Well drinks 6-9

Get a check, you pay for what you order.

Talon will ask to either open a tab or pay with cash. You can leave a credit card and still pay with cash at the time to settle your tab.

Remember to tip your server.

Eat, drink, be kinky!!!

This is a vanilla place, so come casual, in work clothes, hell, get off the train and stop in for a drink before you go home. This is an all ages social. We don’t care about your age or experience, just bring yourself out.

How to get there:


On the L or M Train to Myrtle – Wyckoff Avenues Subway station,
its a short walk 3block from the station.

Corner building with gorgeous art.

We have always had a mission to make our mixed-gender events ALL inclusive. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, etc… we are ALL on this journey of finding ourselves in and out of the bedroom.
We are all kinky.. we all have desires. Join us to celebrate our kink exploration freedom under one roof. Men. Women. Gay. Straight. White. Black. Anywhere on these spectrums.
We are all one.

We have always been and will continue to be all-inclusive.
We are Wildsplayground


Non-Monogamy in Kinky Relationships

This class will explore non-monogamy as it pertains to kinky and D/s relationships. There will be a brief discussion on common vocabulary terms and how their definitions can change according to a relationship. We will then cover navigating multiple partners and dynamics, jealousy, and communication. We will also debunk common myths about non-monogamy and why people might engage in ethical non-monogamy.

Kinsey has officially been in a non-monogamous kinky relationship for over 2 years, but has been practicing unofficial non-monogamy since she was a teenager. She has years of experience with a multitude of relationship styles. She is also read up on the latest research involving kink and non-monogamy, and attended the AltSex Conference. Kinsey identifies as a switch and is the founder of the Society of Switches.

This event is for female and gender non-conforming s-types only. Seriously. We aren’t even kidding.

Under Cover “Burlesque salon & HoS member mixer”

House of Scorpio

Under Cover: burlesque salon & HoS member mixer

Friday, Oct 13, 8-10pm (before Lip Service), 21+ (25+ suggested)
$15 salon only / $25 with Lip Service*
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK – see site for address
No PAL requirement, but dress code & Code of Conduct apply

Rules, RSVP & location: http://www.houseofscorpio.com
Tix: http://undercover.brownpapertickets.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/278755275945252
FL: https://fetlife.com/events/593528

Lip Service (pansexual kissing and cocktails party) info:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/486847541680036
FL: https://fetlife.com/events/593530

A perfect sexy introduction to everything we do: relaxed lounge surroundings, burlesque and variety performances, charming hosts mingling with guests — and no PAL requirement, to encourage first-timers into our HoS family.

For those of you new to it all: direct introductions to members new and old, detailed facilitated discussions on poly, kink and swinger lifestyles, icebreaker games to get you in the mood. For our regulars: a way to ease new friends into our scene, a chance to meet all the new faces you may want to kiss later, a visit with the community even if your PAL is not around. For everyone: delightful burlesque and variety, a charming host to make the introductions, and an informal setting for conversations and future kisses.

It’s Friday the 13th AND it’s almost Halloween: time for us to bring out our witchiest acts and our most dramatic costumes for your pleasure! Your host and social connector for the night: Kita St Cyr, the caramel cutie with the apple booty. Mingle with and enjoy burlesque by Genie Adagio – The Quiet Storm; Logan Laveau – The Black Magic Babe. Plus a special group performance by The Flamingo A Gogo Girls. Stage kitten: Dolly Would. This delightful evening is created for you by Kita St Cyr on behalf of House of Scorpio.

The evening will end with the first round of Spin The Bottle going into Lip Service (for those with PALs, of course). Please be on time for Under Cover, as we have a lot planned for these brief two hours.

Dress to be kissed: flirty, sexy and fun. No casual or business attire. Fetish attire, formalwear, lingerie, corsets, tutus and costumes always welcome…and we consider those unisex options (the more colorful and outrageous, the better). Absolutely no jeans, tennis shoes, hoodies, or baseball caps allowed. Warning to the narrow-minded: this is a pansexual event welcoming all shades of gender & sexual self-identity.

*Purchasing combo tickets does not guarantee entry to Lip Service. PAL requirement, Code of Conduct and dress code rules apply.

NYC Whips ❤ Central Park ❤ October 14th

NYC Whips is…

a good time with likeminded, whip-loving folks.

a place to learn

What are we doing?
This is an informal practice session. We’re practicing form and technique. We’re learning new cracks. We’re playing with our friends toys.

What to bring:

  • your own water/soda
  • a blanket to chill on.
  • a whip

When: Saturday October 14th from 2PM – 6PM (The second Saturday of the month until it gets too fucking cold)
Where: The grassy meadow immediately to the east of the entrance to Central Park at 59th St and Columbus Circle

Please join the group for updates https://fetlife.com/groups/160299


  • Don’t start a whip scene in the middle of central park.
  • Don’t be a jerk.

Mr. Eagle NYC Victory celebration on the roof deck

The Eagle NYC proudly hosts and sponsors Mr. Eagle NYC who represents New York City at the International Mr. Leather Competition (IML) in Chicago each May. The annual Mr. Eagle NYC Contest is held every first weekend of October at The Eagle NYC.

Mr. Eagle NYC 2018 Contest

6PM  This section of the contest is closed to the public. Call time for interview portion at the Eagle. It’s a good idea to get to the Eagle no later than 5:30pm.7PM   Interview begins in contestant order (previously selected) Interviews are to be held one contestant at a time and will be no longer than 12 minutes each. There is a minimum score that must be attained to move on to the next section of the contest. Contestants released following end of interviews. Light food will be provided.

9PM Call time for the contestants with all belongings and clothing. This section of the contest is open to the public.

10PM Contest Begins.

Section 1- Introductions in Bar/Cruise Wear (75 Points).

In this section, you will be introducing yourself to the audience as directed. You will be wearing bar/cruise wear. This is an outfit that you might be wearing when you are at a leather bar and cruising. This is more casual than Formal Leathers. You will come out one at a time and then as a group at the end for comparison judging.

Section 2 – Jock & Question (75 Points)

This is the audience’s favorite section. You will appear onstage in leather jock wear. This section is to determine how comfortable you are in your natural skin. Have fun and be sexy!
The question is a pop question that is used to test your wit and quickness. Have fun. This is not meant to trick you but rather to have fun with you. As before, you will come out at the end as a group for the comparison judging.

Section 3 – Formal/Dress Leathers & Speech (150 Points).

In this section, you will be wearing your formal or dress leather. You have 3 minutes to give a speech on the topic of your choice. Being political or controversial is not necessary. Just be yourself. Your speech will be much more effective if it is not read so you are encouraged to memorize it to the point that the delivery is natural. As before, you will come out at the end as a group for comparison judging.


Mr Eagle NYC Meet & Greet

Weekend of Leather

The Eagle NYC proudly hosts and sponsors Mr. Eagle NYC who represents New York City at the International Mr. Leather Competition (IML) in Chicago each May. The annual Mr. Eagle NYC Contest is held every first weekend of October at The Eagle NYC.

Vendor Mart: Guest vendors showcasing their product lines include FM Leather DesignAnicete DesignsManskinsKStraps.

You will meet the 5 judges, the contest coordinator and the other contestants and you will draw your contestant number. This is a good time to ask the judges questions about anything you are unsure about and to make a good first impression. Former Mr. Eagles will also be present to answer any questions you may have. Use this opportunity to make your contest experience more productive.