Queer Rope Social

April 8, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Private location in Park Slope
Brooklyn RSVP to ropeboi@gmail.com

Fetlife Link: https://fetlife.com/events/638963

Cost: $5 suggested donation (no one turned away for lack of funds), snacks to share appreciated

(After our first Queer Rope Social in February, we’ve been flooded with messages from queer folks asking when the next one will be. By popular demand, here’s the info on Queer Rope Social #2!)

Want to learn about rope bondage, do some tying or get tied up, in a body-positive, queer, feminist, anti-racist space that centers queer & trans & non-binary folks? Want to go to a rope event where you don’t feel like you’re the only queer, trans, or non-binary person there? Where people are committed to affirmative consent and value each person’s physical and emotional well-being, and call in or call out comments and behavior in order to cultivate that consent culture? Where ties are demonstrated for and on awesome humans of many different sizes, shapes, looks, shades, and genders–instead of presenting a young, slim, flexible, white or light-skinned, femme-presenting, cisgender female as a normative model and everyone else as a “variation”?

Queer Rope Social is a new, experimental gathering that aims to be that space. Queer Rope Social is a space for queer & trans & non-binary folks to learn, skill share, experience, and observe various techniques and styles of rope bondage.

Your Hosts:
Parker (aka RopeBoi) is a versatile queer genderqueer (any human pronouns, such as they/she/he) rope lover with a decade of experience tying and being tied and has taught rope workshops across North America and Europe. Ashley is a Black Queer Genderqueer (pronouns they/them/theirs) Dominant Mama switch with years of experience in poly and kinky communities and . Together, we co-host his event in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Starts at 4pm, ends at 8pm
Please do your best to arrive by 4:30pm. At 4:30pm, we will be doing an opening intros circle and going over important information, and we are eager to hear from you!
After the opening intros and announcements, RopeBoi will lead a beginner-friendly rope lesson for those who are interested.
After that lesson, people can do more free form practice, Q & A, skill sharing, socializing, and rope play. RopeBoi will be available as resource to answer rope questions, teach and offer help with ties. Ashley will be available to facilitate the space and help people.
RopeBoi’s personal library of rope books will be available for attendees to peruse.

Important information

Queer Rope Social is a space where consent is the highest priority.
All touch must be preceded by explicit verbal permission; no
non-consensual behavior will be tolerated. The absence of “no” does not mean “yes!” If you are unsure whether or not someone has consented to something, don’t do it! Open and honest communication before any rope play begins is absolutely crucial!
Special Thanks to Mythical Events, from which we borrowed the above consent statement language.

No dress code–wear whatever makes you feel comfortable or fabulous. Partial nudity is allowed and celebrated, but please keep butts & genitals covered (so that there’s a layer of clothing between those parts and the rope or the furniture).
Location is at the street level of the building, so there are no indoor stairs, but there is one step to get up into the building. The space is not entirely wheelchair-accessible.
No rope experience required. This event welcomes absolute beginners, experienced experts, and everyone in between.
Don’t have your own rope? No problem. We have some extra rope to lend.
Don’t have a rope partner? Solo attendees are welcome, and there are many basic ties that you can learn to do by yourself. Solo attendees will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and state their interest in tying and/or being tied by someone and might find someone with whom to partner for a certain tie, but no one will be pressured to tie with another participant. Participants have every right to decline to tie or be tied by another person, and do not need to give a reason why.
Aren’t sure if you’re “queer enough” or “trans enough” to attend this event? No one is going to be policing anyone’s gender or queer-ness, but we expect people to honestly self-identify as queer. Please respect that this intentional space is meant to center queer, trans, and non-binary folks; there are plenty of other rope events that center cisgender folks in heterosexual interactions.
Are you experienced in rope suspension and interested in doing suspension at QRS? The space has 3 suspension frames available for participants who already have a background in rope suspension.
To RSVP or with any questions about the event, contact Parker at ropeboi@gmail.com . Note: sending the email is not a guarantee of attendance. You will receive an email reply with the address of the location if you are confirmed to attend.
$5 requested donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Some snacks will be provided, but we recommend bringing some food for yourself and/or to share. Bringing your own water bottle is also appreciated.

Do you have feedback, ideas, constructive criticism on how we can do this better? Please contact RopeBoi on FetLife or email ropeboi@gmail.com