The Red and Black Ball• Kinko De Mayo• A Queer and Trans Exclusive event• Performances

May 5, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – May 6, 2018 @ 3:00 am America/New York Timezone
Upon Ticket Purchase
Venus Cuffs

The Red and Black Ball is the newest Play Party on the block hosted by the only Queer and Black Owned Kink Space in NYC. The Red and Black Ball is a QT Exclusive Fetish Utopia owned, managed and run by a fellow Queer.

Fetlife RSVP is NOWHERE NEAR how many people are going to show up.

*CONSENT IS KEY to come back. Do not engage in any physical activity or contact (sexual or kink) with out someones consent. Violations of consent will result in you getting banned. Don’t fuck it up!

*Be conscious of the amount of alcohol you consume (if you become intoxicated you will be escorted off the premises)

*Be respectful of the space, the amenities and other persons attending.

RSVP means you agree to these terms.

The Space comes equipped with the following:

*Two Super Sized free standing St. Andrews Crosses

*Spanking Benches

*Bondage horse

*Over 40 Hard Points for Rope Suspension

*A SUPER Large Play/Social Area

*Two Smaller rooms for more intimate play

*A Fuck Nook for when things get hot and heavy

*Coat Check

*Smoke Free Environment

*Drug Free Environment

*LED Lit Bar (BYOB)

*LED lights

*A chill low pressure environment where we value community first.

*Enjoy enough space to throw a whip or flogger without worrying about hitting someone else in the space!
This Play party welcomes all members LGBTAI/GNC/NB to play.

Please Note (Again for the people in the back) :
•Anyone that violates consent will be FOREVER BANNED. No tolerance and no exceptions. Explicit and enthusiastic consent are the ONLY forms of consent allowed.
•Anyone found intoxicated will be asked to leave (or escorted off premises).
•Continued Misgendering of people will get you removed from this event. This is a safe space for all members of our community.
•Have fun!

Door closes at 1:30am! No Exceptions!

This Venue is not wheelchair friendly. Walk up is required.

To Purchase Tickets INBOX ME!

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