TES Presents: Beginner’s Tool Kit for Submission Wrestling, with Diablo & Veve Lane

January 23, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm America/New York Timezone
The Alchemical Studio E
104 west 14th street, New York, NY, 10011
United States

Ever wanted to get into wrestling play but we’re sure where to start? Want to throw down with friends at a party, but aren’t sure how to avoid potentially-injurious maneuvers? Need a few moves to muddle your way through as an absolute novice?  We’ve got a workshop that could help with that!
How to get started in Submission Wrestling, a full-body-entanglement sport where partners lock up, grapple for control, and attempt to make each other surrender by using “submission holds.”   Geared specifically toward absolute novices, this workshop will provide newcomers with a set of basic tactics and techniques that allows them to hit the mats right away.
– Safety concerns: How to play rough while minimizing risk
– Objectives of the game: Positions and Submissions
– How to start a match: Ways to Engage while starting on the mats
– Basic attacks and defenses
This is a participatory workshop wherein attendees can work in pairs to learn and practice basic grips and body positioning techniques, both standing and on the mats.  However, participation is NOT required, and attendees may simply observe, if they prefer.  Technique practice only; there will be no live sparring during this workshop.  Comfortable athletic-ish attire is recommended if you choose to participate.

Diablo has been practicing submission wrestling for over a decade.  He facilitates an LGBTQ grappling club in Brooklyn and trains regularly to continue learning and evolving in the sport.  He got his official start in wrestling by throwing down at a fetish party in 2005, and he is invested in helping to make rough play adventures as safe as possible.
VeVe Lane is a professional fetish wrestler who has also been practicing submission wrestling for over a decade.  She will be assisting Diablo during this workshop.

Doors open at 7, class starts at 7:30
TES Members $5 Students & Military with ID $10 Reciprocal Groups $10 Non-Members $20 Cash Only

If you will need elevator access, please call ahead: (212) 675-1390

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