Rednawa Studio Presents: Kazami Ranki

October 20, 2017 – October 22, 2017 all-day America/New York Timezone
Rednawa 52 N Main St
Middletown, CT
06457 (side door)

Dress code:Comfy clothes or nearly nude
Rednawa is pleased to announce an exclusive event with esteemed guest, Kazami Ranki.


This is rare opportunity, not to be missed!, This will be Kazami san’s only stop on the east coast during his visit from Japan.

Otherwise known as the “Atrocious Newashi”, Kazami has been an artist in the professional rope bondage industry for over 20 years, active for over 25.

His school of rope tuition, Kazami Ryu, is taught in several schools internationally, including Australia and Canada.
He also organizes SM events in Tokyo and Osaka. His regular event is LIBIDO “Bakuetsu no Utage” “Kinbakuyugi-Gekitotsu”. He holds regular live shows around the country and has appeared in numerous DVDs.

Friday Night:

Kazami Classic
Skill level: all levels

Being a firm believer that it “begins with Gote Shibari and ends with Gote Shibari”, we will be covering Kazami’s classic Gote (aka TK), as well as hip harness, leg ties and suspension. Appropriate for all levels, from very beginner to advanced.

will also include a prep class a week prior to this event

Advanced Registration (prior to Sept 15th): $75/ per individual guest
After September 15th: $200/per couple


Kazami In-depth Suspension
Skill Level: intermediate to advanced

This class will focus on Intermediate Suspension forms, including:
Yoko Tsuri (Side Suspension),
Gyaku Ebi Tsuri (Face Down Suspension).
Additional forms will be explored, time permitting

it is preferred that students have taken Kazami Classic prior to attending, or have prior experience, with a firm understanding of suspension concepts able to competently tie a 3-rope gote (or TK) and be competent and experienced in basic suspension line management, technique and safety
Advanced Registration: $200/per couple
Registration after Sept 15: $250/per couple
Time:: 10 – 6 (times may fluxuate)

Saturday Night:
Join us for an evening of open tie and live performance. Details to be posted as they become available.

General Admission: $25/for 1
Guests attending Sat & Sunday Classes: $25/ for 2 guests
Time: 8 pm- 1 am


Kazami Advanced
Skill Level: advanced

Advanced suspension methods including: Bamboo Suspensions, Transitions, how to minimize risk and mitigate damage, should injuries occur.
Classes are progressive, each building on skills from the previous class
It is suggested students be familiar not only with the concepts from the Kazami Classic & In-Depth, along with proficiency tying a suspension worthy 3 rope Gote (TK). It is also strongly recommended students have experience with suspension and transitions.

Advanced Registration: $300/per couple
After Sept 15th: $350/ per couple
10am-5 pm (may vary or fluctuate)


Sat & Sunday :
$500/ couple

Sat, Sun, & Sat Night:

Entire Weekend:
(Fri, Sat & Sun am + Sat pm)

space is very limited, reserve your space today

Please contact us with any questions. If payment is an issue, we may be able to offer payment arrangements on a limited, case by case basis if necessary.