May 4, 2019 @ 10:00 pm – May 5, 2019 @ 3:00 am America/New York Timezone
5 W 30th St Buzzer 2 NY
$30 single $50 couples

Dress code: Fetish wear, all black, lingerie, birthday suit.
noun; restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength…

This name is perfect because of the new construction at the Parthenon, and personal growth within myself in many different ways.

We have a beautiful distinguish/distinct look. The Parthenon has gone through a major renovation. Every room handcrafted, new floors, and the equipment as usual is impeccable.

Every first Saturday of the month.
Get revived.

Bring a friend. Come alone. Hang out. Have fun.
We don’t judge, but we might bite…only if you ask nicely.

The night doesn’t age, and under the Parthenon’s roof, neither will you. Every first Saturday of the month, there’s a party in town, a haven where you are unshackled from all judgment; a sanctuary where everyone is rooted by two laws:

Show respect.
Have fun.

Whether you are fresh in the scene of BDSM, a seasoned veteran or coming out of hibernation, you’ll fit nicely into the recipe to keep the night sweet and alive.

Join us. Rediscover what you lost. Rekindle your flame.
Become revived.

I have had a lot of requests for a foot party.
So here we go!!

Because it’s February and Valentine’s Day is coming, I figured I would do something we all can love and appreciate.

We all love to wear shoes, stockings, boots, heels, open toes and show our beautiful toes.
And we love when we do it!

So this event is for us all to have fun with things we love.

Let’s worship feet, massage feet, sniff feet, worship heels, worship women and everything we love!!

This is our theme for the night. We can, and will still do our normal playing, and rigging.

The seating will be mainly for women. But you never know, a woman might be there to worship a mans feet. I’m ok with that, and if a man wants to worship another mans feet, there is nothing wrong with that either. This is not a Pro Domme event, it’s a Mister–E event. So yes, women can worship men, men can worship men, it’s all about fun, kink, and feet. We will all enjoy what we love for the sake of Valentines Day.

The Parthenon is what I would call a “social lounge”.
We are fully furnished, and equipped.

4 rooms,different themes
Social/Common area

Spanking benches
St. Andrew cross
Bondage tables
Hard points/Rigs

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Curious about pegging, have had women friend use fingers and toys and enjoyed it, would like to take next step to strapon fun.


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