Cakehole: Where The Sun Does Shine!

August 4, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – August 5, 2018 @ 3:00 am America/New York Timezone
Super Sekkrit Midtown Dungeon
Given in invite

Cakehole is a queer-friendly, consent-oriented, do-it-yourself sex and BDSM play party in NYC for everyone. Everyone has a cakehole.

Register here on Eventbrite. The password is “eatcake”

**Registration is open NOW!
Invitations with the address will be emailed out the Wednesday before the party.
Please pre-pay register if you can, it really helps us out!

You have to register on eventbrite or you will not get an invitation and you will not be on the list at the door!!

Visit the Cakehole website for information like the FAQ and the Party Rules.

Registration details:

There are 120 registration slots: 20 for volunteers, 60 for pre-pays, and 40 for pay-at-the-door registrations.
Only register once! If you register as a volunteer, you do NOT need to register as a standard registration! Same with pre-pay registers. If you register twice, you are taking away someone else’s registration slot, and that just ain’t cool, yo.

If you want to volunteer (and receive discounted party entry!) please register as a Volunteer for your desired position and time block.

If you are planning to pre-pay, you are awesome!! This helps keep Cakehole more sustainable! This also means you need to give Eventbrite your REAL name when you initially register, however, as soon as you’ve finished you can go back in and change your name to whatever you wish. We NEVER see any of your billing info.

We sort the check-in by last name, so that’s a good place to put your fet handle or whatever is easiest for you to remember when you arrive! You can update your registration any time!

There’s also gonna be a munch! Munch location will be given out in your invitation, along with the event address. The munch will start at 7PM.

TL;DR August 4, save the date, register, and we’ll see you there!!

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